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At the Healing America Foundation, we believe in the limitless potential of our nation and its people. We are driven by a profound vision of an America where every individual can thrive, where dreams can be achieved, and where our core values of Honor, Excellence, and Strength are the guiding principles that shape our society.

Education for Empowerment

We believe in the transformative power of education. Our programs aim to provide educational opportunities that enable individuals to develop their talents, acquire essential skills, and unlock their full potential.

Community Building

Strong communities are the backbone of a healthy nation. We support initiatives that promote unity, inclusivity, and social cohesion, creating a sense of belonging and purpose.

Leadership Development

Great leaders shape the future. Through mentorship and leadership training, we empower individuals to become influential voices for positive change within their communities and beyond.

Meet Evangelo "Vann" Morris

Keynote Speaker

Are you seeking to ignite the flames of patriotism, inspire your audience, and instill a renewed sense of pride in your country? Look no further than Evangelo Morris, a renowned patriotic speaker whose passion for the nation knows no bounds. With a deep love for the United States and an unwavering commitment to spreading patriotism, Evangelo Morris is the voice you need to rally your audience and celebrate the spirit of your nation.

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